Forklift Drivers Licence

  1. It is a legal requirement as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act ( Act 85 ,1993) Driven Machinery Regulations 18 (11) that
    • Working environments have to be free of any hazards. The operation of forklifts falls under this.
    • All lifting machinery or equipment operators must be trained by accredited providers regardless of the capacity of the equipment.
  2. It is the employers responsibility to ensure that any employee operating a forklift has received the necessary training provided by an accredited training provider and to ensure that forklift operators have a valid license.
  3. Any employer found to be in contravention of this can be prosecuted by the Department of Labour.
  4. We can assist by facilitating the process and ensuring that your forklift drivers are compliant, that they have received the necessary training and hold valid licenses thus ensuring that your business and employees are safe and operate within the required legislation.